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Emerald Green: The Ultimate Guide to Incorporating This Bold Color into Your Wedding

Brides are diving into the depths of sophistication, and one colour that's making waves down the aisle is rich emerald green. It's a hue that exudes boldness, luxury, and makes a striking statement all at once. We saw this colour strong in 2017 but now in 2024 its making a come back!! We love it!!!

Gone are the days of sticking to traditional wedding colours; today's brides are fearlessly embracing their personal style and preferences. Whether it's through a statement dress or incorporating the full spectrum of green into their décor, emerald green is stealing the spotlight.

This opulent colour pairs seamlessly with velvety black, soothing greys, deep blues, delicate sage, and crisp whites, creating a lavish and captivating palette. From subtle touches like emerald green bridal shoes to bold bridesmaid accessories, brides are infusing their personalities into every detail of their wedding day.

For those looking to elevate their bridal party's look, matching emerald green dresses with cascading foliage and autumn blooms adds a touch of enchantment to the celebration. To spark your imagination, we've curated a mood board featuring our favorite emerald green wedding details.

With love, The Sunshine Coast Pop Up Weddings Crew 💚✨

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