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Let the celebration begin. Hold up! What music do I choose?

Sometimes finding that perfect song can drive you crazy DON’T STRESS we’re here to help. Sunshine Coast Pop Up Weddings couples have access to our SCPUW Mix Tape Mash Up - our exclusive Spotify wedding playlist, designed for you to select your songs or submit your own. Let’s make this fun and easy!

The right song will put you and your guests into serious wedding mode. Let the celebration begin! We want your wedding to be special to you and your partner so to add that personal touch you’ll need to select your processional and recessional songs.

A processional song is the music that you and your wedding party walk down the aisle to for your grand entrance. At the end of the ceremony you’ll be pronounced husband and wifey, together walking back down the aisle to your recessional song celebrating with family and friends, this tends to be more upbeat.

Sunshine Coast Pop Up Weddings love creating that reception vibe so at all our pop up weddings we’ll play our epic playlist. If you have your heart set on live music maybe an awesome Sunny Coast duo then get in touch to chat about adding this to your special day.

Wedding songs are such a personal choice, we’ve zeroed in on some of our favourite’s at the moment. You can see to our picks below on our Sunshine Coast Pop Up Weddings Spotify top 10 favs list.

View playlist in Spotify click here

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